Friday, 14 January 2011

Long Week

Feels like its been a long week, must be the January effect .... and old age. It was my birthday yesterday but its difficult to get excited about being 49..... Stop whining Henderson and get on with it ! Currie Primary Parent Council on Tuesday night, mostly to consider what happened when the school was closed during the bad weather. Communications with parents is obviously critical at these times but there was also a bit of confusion over who takes the closure decision and on what criteria. They're going to put together an action plan for any future instances, which seems sensible. Balerno Community Council last night, regular meeting that dealt with usual business but again a lengthy conversation about how the Council dealt with the winter weather arrangements. Tomorrow, we (Council's Labour Group) are holding a public event to discuss the Council's budget situation and our plans for it. Principally we want get us much feed back as possible so that we can build this into our final deliberations prior to 10 February. The challenge for me, as Finance Spokesperson, is to present the budget process as concisely as possible without boring everyone to death with endless numbers !

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Off the mark

Struggled to throw off a cold virus that set in just after new year but feeling a bit brighter now. Didn't even feel like blogging so it must have been serious ! Hogmanay was good, mildest for years I reckon and the narrow 1-0 victory over Hibs the next day was hard fought but deserved. The worst of the weather seems to have passed for the time being but there are still parts of Balerno that need snow clearing and gritting. I'm on the case. Currie Community Council meeting last night, not particularly well attended but managed to deal with a fair bit of local business. I hear Chinese Pandas are coming to Edinburgh apparently, seems to have caused a bit of a stir.