Thursday, 5 August 2010

Hi, welcome to my blog.

I'm a Labour Councillor in Edinburgh and have, after much confused deliberation, decided that a blog might be a good way to exchange views with anyone who might be interested and also allow me to communicate with the wider world.

My intention at this stage is to try to be honest, tolerant and as open minded as possible in encouraging an exchange of views and news and of course the promotion of my carefully considered and always correct opinions !


Andrew said...


I'm stunned - appears you are gradually entering the 21st century :-))

I'll show you how to get an automatic feed from here, into your Facebook page next time we catch up ...

... next, you'll be twittering??


cammy day said...

welcome to Blogspot!

look forward to the banter!

Ricky Henderson said...

Cheers Cammy and Andrew, lovin' it already !