Friday, 4 November 2011

Consultation Launched

Team Labour with our brand new consultation document
It's now just less than 6 months until next year's Council elections and we got our campaign underway yesterday with the launch of our consultation document which will eventually produce our 2012 Election Manifesto. Much hard work lies ahead but all our 23 candidates are now in place and keen to get on with the campaign. The launch event was very well attended with most of our candidates present, MPs, MSPs, several party members and more press and photographers than I had expected. Good speech from Andrew Burns followed by a fairly in depth question and answer session and then some photos outside in St Columba's by the Castle sun drenched garden. Aah, they say the sun shines on the righteous ! Andrew's speech, the consultation document and more candidate details can be found at our new website and some comprehensive coverage of the proceedings by STV Local here . We genuinely want as much feedback as possible so will welcome comments over the next few weeks on the website and at the facebook page as well as a series of meetings with stakeholder groups around the city.

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