Saturday, 4 February 2012

Budget Plans Published

Council budget for the next financial year is set on Thursday. Its always a tortuous process with numerous reports issued by Council Directors either bidding for additional resources or highlighting pressures that can't be contained and a drip feed of information through which a budget picture, of sorts, emerges. And it all culminates with the biggest set piece debate of the Council year with political groups moving their own amendments and the SNP/LibDem coalition pushing through their proposals on the strength of numbers. Not exactly an inclusive process. As with previous years the Labour Group have been the first and only political group to have published our proposals well in advance and offer them for scrutiny and comment. Best place to get the details is on Andrew Burns "Really Bad Blog" .

By the way, this morning's weigh-in produced a return of 12st 12lb. Still moving in the right direction, but its a bloody hard slog ! Pass me another carrot.


Edinburgh Flats said...

You have a really nice blog here. I have bookmarked it.

Ricky H said...

Many thanks, I'm delighted to hear that you enjoy it. I'll keep posting as often as possible on local / topical issues.

Ricky H said...

By the way, I'm also on Twitter now if you're into that sort of thing - @henderson_ricky