Saturday, 27 October 2012

Michael Marra

I was saddened this week to hear of the untimely death of Michael Marra, surely one of Scotland's greatest song writers. A wonderful entertainer and real old fashioned story teller, Michael's songs are all unique and individual gems. His career spanned much more than his songs of course but it was his live concerts that I remember most fondly. I was fortunate to see him perform in numerous Edinburgh venues over the years, the North Edinburgh Arts Centre, behind the Gunner in Muirhouse, being one particularly memorable experience. Thought the Scottish media were a bit muted this week when the announcement came but pleased to see a number of outlets covering MM's life and career in more depth today. The best obituary I've seen so far is in  today's Herald. If you've got time, scroll down from the article to some of the comments which are equally informative and touching and click on a couple of the You Tube links to experience some of Michael Marra's finest moments. Surely now "Hermless" must be adopted as Scotland's new national anthem ?

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