Thursday, 3 February 2011

2nd Post

As anticipated Council meeting today didn't last too long though, as also predicted the Administration pressed on with their plans to tender for advocay services. Lots of assurances about service quality to be maintained, minimal disruption to users and our obligation to comply with European Procurement rules etc. We'll see what happens, there's a few more stages to be completed yet. Last night's meeting at Ratho went well and a good turn out too from local residents. Managed to iron out a few issues and a few more came up that need to be tackled. Must do the minutes asap as well ! Should have been at Balerno Community Council tonight but submitted apologies so that I can deal with a few constituency items that are pretty urgent. Looks like Andy Webster has signed for Hearts again. Personally, I think the past contract issues should be forgotten. Webster arguably played the best football of his career with Hearts and let's hope he can reach those standards again.

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