Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Budget Day Approaches

Surgeries last night, quiet at both Clovie and Currie High. Then attended a meeting of the Ratho Environment Group in the Bridge Inn. They are obviously, primarily, interested in the environment but this extends to basically any physical aspect of life in the village that could be improved and detailed discussions ensued on a wide range of subjects from litter picks to bus services and house boats to planning applications.

Regular pre Council Labour Group meeting tonight with the Council Budget (see below) and all associated reports as the only business that will be dealt with on Thursday. As reported previously our budget proposals and amendment are pretty much complete and may just be subject to one or two refinements tonight. It promises to be an interesting day in that the Conservative and Green Groups have indicated that they won't move a budget and may seek to amend either ours or the Administration's. Hasn't happened before in all my time on the Council so we'll see what unfolds.

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