Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sneaky Tory Cuts

So, Gideon Osborne's generosity means we'll all have an extra £48 a year in our pockets. I just don't know how I'll manage to spend it all.... And he cut 1p from a litre of fuel, while conveniently forgetting that he added  3p to a litre when he increased VAT to 20% in January. One step forward, three steps back eh George ? All this "fairness" is heart warming however this piece in the Scotsman at the end of last week caught my eye "Pensioners attack cut to winter fuel allowance". Now, I didn't listen to every word of the Chancellor's Budget speech to the House of Commons but I don't think he mentioned this. He must have forgot... We're all in this together, you know.

Some good campaigning this morning in Broomhouse and more planned for tomorrow. Starting to distribute the campaign newspaper. Still got a few thousand to go so if anyone fancies a paper round, you know where to find me....

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