Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Week That Was

Myself and Cllrs Godzik and Aitken join
anti closure protesters outside the
City Chambers. Pic courtesy of stv.
Busy week, really busy week. Honestly. Too busy to blog.

Monday - "Question Time" style event at Balerno High in front of a room of sixth year's. Scary, but a good dress rehearsal for some of the hustings ahead. Surgeries in the evening followed by Currie Primary PTA and then Balerno High's Parent Council.

Tuesday - Elections briefing by Council staff, covered deadlines, do's and don'ts etc, quite technical, followed by our usual pre Council Labour Group meeting.

Wednesday - Managed to join one of the neighbourhood walkabouts in Wester Hailes Park. Generally the area looked not too bad, however, the standard of stair cleaning (or lack of) by Council contractors leaves a lot to be desired. I have complained and expect to see an instant improvement in the stairs I've highlighted (I'll go back next week to check).

Thursday - Full Council meeting, see pic above. The LibDem/SNP Administration, supported by the Tories, pushed through the closure of two nurseries. There had been a statutory consultation exercise but having set their budget in February 2010 which included savings equal to 3 nursery closures this decision was just a rubber stamp. Pretty cynical really, and very sad for the children and parents who are affected. The process seems to be, set the budget then make the policy decisions to fit. The 3rd closure by the way will be Westfield Court which will be closed by the back door. The No Confidence vote on who said what to whom around the Gathering press release shambles was much closer and got quite heated. They survived though. For now.

Friday - Last night was our turn to host the Gavin Strang Quiz Night which we held at the Gorgie Memorial Hall which proved to be an excellent venue. Being of no earthly use to any team I volunteered to do the bar. Yes, I was actually licensed to sell alcohol ! Can't see me making a career of it. Congratulations to the Darling Buds who were victorious.

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