Thursday, 7 April 2011

Bookies Say its a Two Horse Race in Pentlands !

I'm not a betting man as such, but well respected book maker Victor Chandler has put prices up today saying Edinburgh Pentlands is between the Tory and me - and the SNP and LibDem candidates are such outsiders that there are three legged horses in the Grand National on Saturday with shorter odds ! We've always known that Pentlands is a two-horse-race between Labour and the Conservatives - now the Bookies have confirmed it  Have you ever met a poor bookie ?? Check out the prices at Victor Chandler's web site.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Been Reading The Evening News Today,What A Shame For Some Of The Blind Craft Workers Leaving Today,Some Even After 43 Years,Totally Shambolic.Here Is An Institution That Has Been Going On 200 Hundred Odd Years And Now To Close For Good In July,Shocking,This is the best we can expect from all the "clowns" we have in this LibDem/SNP Council - they live in a "fantasy land" that they believe tramcars will be running on time and on budget and travelling along Princes Street anytime soon - roll on the Council Elections - so we can put them out to grass!!!!.

Cllr Buchanan, the city's economic development leader, said: "We have been through a tranche of individuals, voluntary organisations and others and we will keep the dialogue going. But everyone says they do not want to get involved until steps are made by the council towards closure."

This from a man that stated quite clearly that the council wasn't closing BlindCraft, only to close it a few weeks later.

Have you picked up the same bad habits as your dear leader Mr Buchanan? From Evening News Forum

Ricky Henderson said...

James, many thanks for your comments. The campaign team are working hard to achieve the result that yourself and m,any others want to see.

You're absolutely right about Blindcraft, this is a real tragedy, supported through all the years of a Labour Administration and closed within one term of a LibDem/SNP one. They say there are white knights waiting in the background, well they better deliver something or it will be a collective stain on all their characters.

Ricky H

T Black said...

Whats the odds now Ricky ;o)