Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Great LIT Cover Up Scandal

More door knocking yesterday and was slightly surprised to receive so many comments about yesterday's story in the Telegraph regarding the large increase in tax that people in Edinburgh would pay under the Local Income Tax favoured by the SNP and LibDems. You can read the article here . The plans would mean that income tax in Scotland would be 25% & 45% whilst the rest of Britain would still be 20% & 40% - but we would be getting no more services as the very wealthy would shift their pay to other parts of the UK and second home owners who live outside Scotland would pay nothing for services.  Don't take my word for it here is what our local papers said last year:
Evening News Editorial 5 May 2010
"a local income tax which would hurt the middle classes"   
Scotsman Editorial - 5 May 2010
"Alarm bells should sound about some of the key Lib Dem policies, most notably local income tax, a double whammy for the wealth generators already braced for a tax hit."

Of course the SNP have gone to great lengths to conceal this information. You can see why....

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A Brown said...

Yes, voters should be made aware off this without getting the impression that labour is running a negative campaign.

The reason they dropped it was because of SVR.