Monday, 12 December 2011

£57k for Suntrap

I was delighted to hear that Save Our Suntrap have been awarded £57k by an obscure Council Committee, the Pensions and Trusts Cttee which, among other things administers a number of trust funds including the George Boyd Anderson Trust. GBA of course bequeathed his house and magnificent garden at Suntrap to the people but over the years it has ended up in the ownership of the National Trust for Scotland and Oatridge College, both of whom want to flog the place now. The money is to help towards repair and maintenance of the house and garden and is another important step towards persuading the current owners to allow the Friends of Suntrap to continue to run the facility in the way that was intended. Still a long way to go but I sense that the campaign is gathering a head of steam.

Leafleting yesterday went much better. The snowmen melted away into the background as expected but we still completed Juniper Green before darkness fell. Currie Community Council tonight, expecting it to be busy.

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