Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Big Job

The Labour Group tonight has nominated me as Convenor of Health, Social Care and Housing which is a massive responsibility (as well as a long job title !) and one that I will take extremely seriously. Covering everything from care homes to home helps, criminal justice social work, help for adults with disabilties, direct payments, adaptations, housing and all its facets and challenges, I reckon my diary will be fairly full for the foreseeable future. Also a great honour that my colleagues have the faith in me to be reasonably competent with such an important group of services. Really pleased too that the Labour Group have nominated Cllr Cammy Day as vice-Convenor. Cammy's got good skills and a significant amount of experience in these areas so I'm convinced we'll be a pretty effective team. All this of course has to be endorsed by the full Council meeting on 24th May but I'm keen to get started and can't help thinking about what lies ahead. The Partnership Agreement that underpins our Labour/SNP coalition contains no fewer than 50 commitments for the city, many of which are related to the Health, Social Care and Housing brief so we'll certainly have a clear agenda to work to. Now, off to Balerno to hopefully catch the end of the Balerno Village Trust AGM.


mike ferrigan said...

Well done mate!

Ricky said...

Mike, many thanks, looking forward to it now.