Friday, 4 May 2012

The Count

I'm absolutely delighted and very proud to have been re-elected and able to represent the Pentland Hills ward again for another 5 years. Also chuffed to bits to increase our share of the vote by a massive 9% ! Details of the full result can be found here .

Many, many thanks are due to the small but perfectly formed and energetic band of activists who worked so hard for the last few months delivering material and knocking doors. Also thanks to the hundreds of local residents who took a few minutes to talk to me, raise issues, debate and sometimes argue about the main issues in their area. And thanks too to the 2293 who voted me as number 1 and the many others who gave me other preferences. It really is most appreciated.

A final, and most important thanks to my wonderful agent who steered us through the campaign and applied a firm hand when it was needed and coaxed and cajoled when necessary...

Looking forward to working with my new colleagues, Bill Henderson (no relation) and Dominic Heslop. I'm sure we'll work well together.

Special mention too to Mike "Professor Pongoo" Ferrigan. He polled a very respectable 444 votes and has a great deal to offer the local community. I hope his skills and commitment to the area are tapped into in some way.

We're now the biggest party on the Council with 20 seats so that obviously gives us some authority in discussing future arrangements with others but we have to be conscious that all groups have their own priorities for the future and I'm sure talks over the next few days will be conducted sensibly and maturely with any and all that have Edinburgh's best interests at heart.

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