Saturday, 17 November 2012

Seeing Auntie

We arranged a briefing this week for elected members to look at Dementia and the various services offered by the Council and NHS Lothian. We were of course looking to increase awareness of the condition and highlight that this is going to be an increasing challenge in the years ahead as people live longer and more individuals and their families are affected by dementia. Rather than the usual "death by powerpoint" approach I was asked to consider using a one woman show called "Seeing Auntie" which describes the journey through dementia from the perspective a family member.

It is no exaggeration to say that the performance was absolutely stunning. Moving, funny, touching, tragic, every emotion was touched by the play which was quite superbly delivered by Naomi Breeze of Breeze Productions. The half hour performance described more vividly the emotional highs and lows and deep experiences of those affected than a thousand reports or strategy documents could ever do and it certainly left a lasting impression. I'm hoping we can consider this approach in the future as the impact on my colleagues was a clear indication that this form of communication is very powerful.

"Seeing Auntie" is one of Naomi's many productions and you can find out more at her website -

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