Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The normal run of events

Busy, busy couple of days. Yesterday's normal run of Monday morning meetings and catch ups was followed by my first meeting as a member of the Heriot Watt University Court. Always an unnerving experience trying to familiarise oneself with the workings of an organisation for the first time. HWU is of course a massive institution with an excellent, and growing reputation in the higher education sector. They already have a campus in Dubai, are developing a new university in Malaysia and of course their more established facilities in Orkney, the Borders and here in Currie (Riccarton). Looking forward to getting to grips with the important issues.

Then it was off the Clovenstone Community Centre to present Youth Achievement Awards to a group of local youngsters who have pursued their activity based programme diligently, some for three years, to a successful conclusion. Always a warm welcome at Clovie and good to see everyone in fine form. Then a quick run up the road to Deanpark Primary Parent Council in Balerno. Much ongoing business to be discussed including the safer routes to school project whereby we're trying to improve road safety on the Mansfield / Bavelaw Road stretch for local children who are being encouraged to walk to school. Slow, but steady progress being made.

Finally, time to drop in to Currie Community Council which was better attended than it has been of late. Planning issues dominated as usual but also a growing frustration with vacant sites that need to be developed but no viable proposals have been forthcoming.

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