Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Committee Business

Productive day yesterday, the Health, Wellbeing and Housing Committee, which I chair, took all of 30 minutes to conclude the formal business on the agenda. The Policy Review and Development session which followed, took 3 hours and gave us the chance to have an in depth discussion about Domestic Abuse and Homelessness, two issues that are not completely unconnected but we dealt with them separately and heard excellent presentations from Council officials and external partners dealing with these services. Some thoughtful and constructive contributions from elected members too made for a very worthwhile exercise. The test of our new policy development approach will be how we actually take these discussions forward into shaping policy and improving services but we've made a good start.

Then the Special Sub Committee on Adult Social Care (which I also chair) considered a report on standards in Council Care Homes, some of which had been subject to Care Inspectorate inspections and reports. Reasonably positive with action plans in place to address any issues that have been identified. We do need to invest in the fabric of homes though. Modern standards have advanced and in many cases our somewhat dated buildings struggle to meet our aspirations.

Our usual pre Council Labour Group meeting followed, starting at 7pm and finished around half nine. Thorough debate on the Council agenda items with Leith Waterworld understandably taking up most of our attention and discussion.

Off to Tynecastle tonight, hoping Hearts can build on our success at the weekend. Looking forward to seeing new striker Michael Ngoo in action again, he certainly looks the part.

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