Saturday, 2 February 2013

Three Blind Wolves and the Budget

Full Council meeting on Thursday was interesting. Leith Waterworld dominated the agenda and debate. Having heard from the Splashback deputation (for the 4th time !) and a private discussion outwith the meeting we agreed that, on balance, it was worth supporting the community bid to the next stage, even though we know it will be difficult to deliver a viable, sustainable operation in the longer term. However, you never know and if it can be made to work it would be a wonderful example of partnership working and looking at imaginative alternatives to traditional service delivery.

We also published our Capital Coalition draft budget motion on Thursday (one week early), first time in living memory that this has been done. Usually the budget motion is still warm from the photocopier as the budget meeting kicks off, but this departure is designed to be more open and accessible. As ever, all the essential detail can be found on Andrew's blog .

Off through to Celtic Connections in Glasgow later to see Roddie Hart and the Lonesome Fire supported by Three Blind Wolves. Should be good.

Finally, good luck to the Jam Tarts today on their long journey north to Ross County and all the Hearts fans making the trip.

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