Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Praise Indeed

My attention was drawn today to a press release from the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee regarding a report they have published which deals with how public bodies are addressing the challenges of demographic changes. (people getting older to you and me, the stuff I've been banging on about for the past few months) Apparently they are impressed by our approach to this and say the following -

" The Committee welcomes the approach adopted by City of Edinburgh Council. However, it is concerned that other local authorities and NHS boards appear not to have undertaken similar long term planning. The Committee would therefore welcome the view of the Scottish Government on the need for public bodies to introduce long term financial planning on a similar basis to the City of Edinburgh Council and whether it has any plans to disseminate good practice in this area." I'm assuming this refers to our long term financial planning and the recognition of demographic changes in last week's budget settlement and allocation of additional funding for services, as outlined in previous posts.

Not wishing to hide our light under a bushel (don't know where that biblical reference came from!) we are pleased to accept praise from any quarter.

Very useful H&SC Integration session this afternoon with CEC and NHS managers, the debate rolls on and more and more ideas and questions are coming forward which is all helping to inform the development process. Now, must dash to the South West Area Housing Board tonight at WH Library and hopefully be back in time to catch most of the fitba'.

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