Sunday, 14 April 2013

Shared Lives

Big Fat Panda giving it laldy
Was delighted to speak at the relaunch of Edinburgh's Shared Lives programme this week. The scheme supports carers who are prepared to look after an adult with learning difficulties, either short or long term. Not a decision to be taken lightly obviously, but potentially rewarding and worthwhile for all parties. Part of a national scheme Shared Lives Plus, its an innovative way of supporting vulnerable adults in a home environment and is structured in a way that still ensures high care standards are met but not in an institutionalised setting. Its actually been going for a number of years and one of my fellow speakers, Nicky from Leith told the audience that him and his wife have been caring for the same lad for 44 years now. He spoke excellently about the challenges and rewards and stressed the need for commitment. Cleary that that's something that Nicky and his wife have by the barrow load.

Also managed to get to see Big Fat Panda at Bannermans on Thursday, supported by the Skababs. Excellent gig and the guys have produced a CD in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. There's a launch gig at the end of May and I'll certainly be going and will post more info nearer the time.

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