Thursday, 18 April 2013

Foodbank Trolley Push

As can been seen in the photo I was happy to lend a hand to the Trussell Trust supported foodbank trolley push today, promoting and collecting for the growing network of foodbanks in the UK. The Edinburgh NW Foodbank were leading the charge today but I believe there are another couple in the city, all doing good work. They're also in the process of building a network of contacts with various organisations, churches, charities etc, many of who were represented today in the City Chambers Quadrangle, so that crisis help, in the form of food, can be provided where and when it is most needed. Its a sobering thought that in this day and age some people, and families, struggle to feed themselves. Sadly it seems there is a growing need for such support, much of which is provided by donations and co-ordinated by volunteers. Its a movement that's in its infancy but will definitely continue to grow.

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