Saturday, 4 May 2013

Currie Riding

The annual Currie Riding took place today. From a sunny but cool green outside the Weavers Knowe more than a hundred horses and riders set off to mark the boundaries of the Currie parish (to ensure no encroachment from bandits in Balerno or Juniper Green !).  An ancient tradition to protect land this celebration now brings together riders and communities from other towns and villages who still uphold and enjoy this ritual. Quite a logistical exercise and much credit to the organisers including my old sparring partner former Councillor Alistair Paisley. The Currie Ride were joined by friends from Annan, Penicuik, Lanark and Berwick, among others and together they all, quite literally, headed for the hills (the Pentlands). I believe there are a couple of pit stops along the way and no doubt much needed refreshment, for the horses, will be taken. While they're out tramping the boundaries I'm going to head for Tynecastle, more out of habit than expectation. I noticed the other day a large banner displayed across Gorgie church, next to Tynecastle, imploring us to "Try Praying". Might be good advice.....

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