Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Broomhouse loses a long serving friend

It was a pleasure last night to attend a retirement bash in the Broomhouse Centre for local Community Police Officer Neil Doig MBE (Member of the Broomhouse Executive, apparently). Neil has been a well kent face in Broomhouse and surrounding areas for the last 23 years and made a major contribution to various streams of partnership working in the area dealing with young people. He supported the local community when they stood up against some serious anti social behaviour a few years ago and can certainly be credited with making Broomhouse a better place to live for many people. His presence will be sadly missed and I understand he would have stayed on of it wasn't for current budget pressures. Chiefs and Indians spring to mind....

Talking of budget pressures, attended a couple of briefings today on the Council Budget and Alternative Business Models which are now intrinsically linked with hopes pinned on the ABMs delivering significant savings going forward. We shall see...... both reports will go to the next Council meeting on 16 December.

Pentlands Campaign Committee meeting tonight, hoping to plan the next phase of the parliamentary campaign and build on what has been a very promising past two months of activity.

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