Sunday, 14 November 2010

Tynecastle Remembers

For the second year the annual Hearts Remembrance Service was held at Tynecastle. This of course is a temporary arrangement until the Memorial Clock is reinstated to its rightful place at Haymarket. It was an excellent service with the right balance of remembrance, history, tradition and even some gentle humour. Jim Jeffries read a couple of poignant letters from and to the Hearts Manager of 1914 corresponding with the young widow of one his players. The rain was incessant but there a huge turn out (2,000?) for this fitting tribute. I know the memorial and the service must return to Haymarket but the Tynecatle events are well managed and have all necessary elements that allow more people to attend and pay their respects than is possible when huddled round the clock, in between the traffic at Haymarket. It would be good if someone could find a way of combining the best elements from both experiences......

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