Monday, 22 November 2010

A wet, but productive, weekend

Campaigning this weekend in Currie and Balerno. I didn't think we'd get much done this week due to the weather but a small, and perfectly formed, team of volunteers braved the elements to deliver 2000 leaflets and get through a bit of door knocking. One gentleman in Currie, after a brief chat and obvious, careful consideration said to me - "Aye, I'd vote for you, you look normal."...... People say the nicest things !

Hearts game on Saturday wasn't great but if you're a connoisseur of great goals and penalty saves Messrs Skacel, Templeton and Kello certainly delivered the goods. Nice tribute to Jim Cruikshank as well with a perfect 1 minute silence and a yellow (Cruikie's colour) Hearts goalie top hung in the net behind Marian Kello.

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