Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bad Week for Grannies and Gideons

It takes a certain unusual mix of skills for a politician to be able to unite all the varied wings of the British media in condemnation. George Osborne managed it this week. There's so much time and energy obviously expended in preparing the spin and hype surrounding the Budget these days that you really don't expect the Chancellor of the Exchequer to f**k it up on the day. Didn't manage to catch much of the news coverage on budget day itself but the newspaper headlines the following morning said it all. Mugging Grannies to pay for lower taxes for millionaires probably wasn't what Gideon was trying to achieve but it does give the rest of us an intriguing insight into the priorities of the ConDem Cabinet.

Rest of the week was pretty busy and is summarised as follows - 
Sunday - Balerno Church followed by opening of refurbished St Joseph's Centre, joyous occasion. Tynecastle, another derby victory, also a joyous occasion.
Monday - City Chambers, Surgeries, Ratho Community Council, fractious.
Tuesday - Finance and Resources Committee. Not exactly riveting.
Wednesday - Hearts progress to semi finals of the Scottish Cup. Pleasing.
Thursday - Door knocking in Balerno followed by Neighbourhood Partnership Funding Panel meeting. Business like.
Friday - City Chambers followed by Drumbrae Gala fundraising quiz. Clueless.
Saturday - Juniper Green Farmers Market followed by door knocking in Currie. Productive.

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