Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ratho Fire

This fire at Craigpark Quarry in Ratho, in a pile of tyres, started last Sunday morning and has caused considerable concern and inconvenience to the residents of the village. Being immediately to the west of the village, with a westerly breeze and dry conditions for the last few days hasn't helped either, with sooty deposits left on everything; cars, gardens, clothes, pets and children. Just managed to get my hands on the basic facts yesterday and slightly disappointed at the lack of proactive communications from the formal agencies. It would seem that there is no threat to health, which is reassuring but I suspect local people will demand a few answers about site storage and security at the quarry so that we can be confident of no repetition. Answers will be sought.


F, Bradford said...

I live in Ratho with my family and i have a small dog. I ended up taking him to a professional groomer to get him washed on Friday. I took him out a walk later that night and he came back as black as ever. I have flooring in my livingroom & dining room and have been having to wash it at least twice a day. I dread to think how dirty my carpet in my hall is. I am glad we have had some rain now to wash the soot from the streets. I am also very disappointed at the lack of communication there has been and no apology or responsibility has been mentioned. I'm not convinced that there is no threat to health and i am concerned for my dogs health as he has been trying to lick this 'stained soot' off for over a week now. I would be interested to hear what the formal agencies have to say about it.
F. Bradford

Ricky Henderson said...

F.Bradford, many thanks for your message, sorry to hear you've experienced similar problems to other residents in the wake of the fire. I've asked for an official report on the matter and will pursue this and publish as much info as I can locally and probably here on the blog as well. If you want to contact me directly my email address at the city chambers is
Ricky H

Anonymous said...

As no answers were sought regarding the fire at the quarry i was wondering if it would be possible to restrict the speed of the lorries that are continually speeding up and down the road which is a dust bath and very slippy for anyone who adheres to the speed limit.whilst i appreciate the afore mentioned lorries are speeding outwith the village may i bring it to your attention that there is a public footpath which runs alongside the entrance to craigpark quarry which is heavily used by dog walkers,cyclists and children,this is an accident waiting to happen,hopefully answers will be given this time.

Ricky H said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. Answers have indeed been sought re the fire and I have been assured that a report will be submitted to the next meeting of Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership. The report will be based on investigations by SEPA, (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) and I will again remind Council officials dealing with this that we are still awaiting further information. Once published I'll post a link to the report on the blog. Whether or not it will provide the answers we want remains to be seen.

Regarding the speeding lorries I'd be happy to raise this with the Police. If you have more details, times of day, identity of vehicle etc please forward this to me at and I'll pursue further.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your speedy reply,i will forward as much information as i can regarding the identity of said vehicles,as for the times it's monday-friday 8am-6pm.Thank you once again.