Saturday, 23 October 2010

Big Weekend ?

Met a couple of pals in the "Diggers" last night. Haven't been there for a while but its still a really good, old fashioned pub. Specialises in malts as well these days so of course I had to try a couple ! Hic !

Just heading off for the STUC "There is a Better Way" march and rally. Hope its a good turn out, meeting some Labour Group colleagues for a coffee first. Looks like the poor weather may be lifting (ever the optimist !). Then plannning to join Sarah Boyack at a Save Dalry Baths demo at 2. Apparently, the LibDem SP candidate is planning to turn up in support of the campaign. What a brass neck ! They're the ones who are cutting the budget !

Then off to Tynecastle, where our home form is beginning to be a cause for concern. I would predict a victory but you can't take anything for granted with Hearts these days.....

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