Friday, 8 October 2010

Mixed Bag (one with toiletries)

Second meeting of the Freelands Rd Sub Group last night in the church hall. Very constructive again with a few local issues raised by local residents and dealt with by the developers. A long road ahead but with continued engagement like this we should manage to resolve any problems that do arise. Just got to type up the minutes now ...... next meeting in January.

Managed to catch the end of the regular meeting of my local Labour Party branch in McLeod St who discussed the sudden announcement that Westfield Court nursery, after 50 years of operation, is no longer safe for the children.

A mini fund raising auction was then held and I succesfully bid for a real flame garden torch and bag of toiletries. No..... I don't why either !

I see from the papers this week that while the Tory conference was in full swing in Birmingham two tory MSP candidates managed to insult the majority of Scots, the first by saying that we were "thick" to not like Margaret Thatcher and the other who mocked carers in a TV documentary as looking like "the great unwashed". The first has resigned, the other hasn't. Yet.

They just don't get it......

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