Sunday, 24 October 2010

Successful Weekend.....

Myself, and Cllrs Bill Cook and Ewan Aitken enjoy a chat before joining 20,000 others on the STUC "There is a Better Way" march and rally yesterday in Edinburgh. It really was a fantastic turn out and demonstrates the strength of feeling against the quick, deep cuts being made by the ConDem coalition at Westminster. The march was noisy, colourful and good natured, everything that is good about the labour and trade union movement in Scotland. Of course, muggins ended up on one end of the Edinburgh Labour Councillors' banner. I never manage to move quickly enough on these occasions !

Then, as arranged, off to Save Dalry Baths with Sarah Boyack and the local group campaigning against closure. They've done a really good job and rallied a lot of local support. Here's hoping the campaign is a success. They're doing more for local facilities than the SNP/LibDem Council.

Then down to Tynecastle for a memorable Rudi Skacel hat trick and a satisfying 3-0 victory over St Mirren.

Stuffing 5,300 envelopes today with a band of willing volunteers for the Pentlands campaign. Going well, might even manage to make a start on the deliveries this afternoon.

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