Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Busy Week

Been a bit too busy this week to post regularly so here's a summary of what's happening. Busy surgeries on Monday for a change, good to see people though. Health, Social Care and Housing Committee on Tuesday, possible changes to Local Lettings Policy (Council houses) which could affect Ratho. I'm not convinced the changes are necessary and will carry out a wee local survey to see what the views are. Labour's Local Government Committee last night, good discussion on various issues including the Council's budget process. Regulatory Cttee this afternoon (taxi licences mostly) and a Neighbourhood Partnership Funding Panel meeting tonight.

I don't usually feel sorry for Theresa May but she did get a bit of a kicking from Jeremy Paxman last night on whether or not she had advance knowledge of the Child Benefit cut announcement. She clearly didn't but couldn't admit it which was an open invite for Paxman to jump all over her. I know I'm biased but they did make a bit of a pig's ear of it, didn't they ?

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