Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Monty's Major

I was genuinely chuffed for Colin Montgomerie when Europe won the Ryder Cup on Monday. His career was going to be forever remembered for not having won a "major" but I definitely sensed that this victory more than made up for it and for Monty this Ryder Cup is his major. It made for good TV too, not that I saw much of it with a cominatuion of it being on Sky, frequently rained off (Wales in October ?? hello ??) and concluding on Monday when I was working. Did catch the end of the highlights on Monday night though and there was some fantastic golf played, particularly by the Americans who were obviously still smarting from Sunday's results. One aspect of the Ryder Cup that I am uncomfortable with is the increasingly jingoistic atmosphere among the spectators. I know this has been developing over a number of years and appears to be relatively good natured but when golf spectators start to behave as if they were at football match it jars with me. Golf (including the Ryder Cup), to my mind, doesn't need to whip up that type of fervour to remain an excellent sport that will continue to attract TV and live audiences and I hope it doesn't lead to other problems or a devaluing of a magnificient event that has lasted the best part of a hundred years. Oh dear..... I think I may be becoming a boring old fart !

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