Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Cavalry are coming - but is it too late ?

Juniper Green Community Council bravely persevered with their meeting last night at the Village Hall and got an excellent turn out. Obviously discussions centred around the current conditions and how this is affecting the local area. As well as expressions of frustration and dismay at the Council's response there were a number of really useful ideas that could help to tackle the current problems and hopefully prevent a re-occurrence in the future. A Winter Code for example, a list of common sense advice points for citizens and businesses that could be formally endorsed and promoted by the Council and other agencies. I think this should be developed further.

Left the meeting at the back of 8 and just missed two 44s charging down Lanark Rd ! Decided I should wait for the next bus rather than attempt to walk. After 40 mins of nothing either way another two 44s passed going west towards Balerno. I reacted by doing what any sensible person would. Marched straight in to the Juniper Green Inn and ordered a half pint and a large Grouse, then caught the bus after it had turned and was heading back to town.

Today, back to chasing up various local issues and trying to concentrate on solutions to get the 33, 44 and 48 buses running their full routes. Have put forward quite a few suggestions and hope they will contribute to a solution. The request for help from the army seems to have been heeded and will certainly be a big help.

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