Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Crisis Continues

Another few hundred emails and calls later and I'm still trying to impress upon senior people in the Council that we need more resources for the Pentland Hills Ward if we are to have any hope of clearing the snow before next winter ! Was invited to a meeting this afternoon of senior officers and politicians and did at least manage to crystallise the discussion into a few key issues, bus services, schools, availability of grit, resources to clear the snow, priorities and communication. I understand a request has been made for support from the army but this has to be authorised by the Scottish Government. Here's hoping they give the go ahead. There is a lot of good work getting done on the ground but it is inevitably, painfully slow. I hate to nag, I really do, but I will continue to be a pain in the a**e to all and sundry until we get on top of this.

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