Sunday, 12 December 2010

Hope the Thaw continues

Met Alistair Darling at the Balerno Christmas Farmers Market yesterday. Given the recent weather problems they did a remarkable job to get the market on and it was good to see so many people supporting it and the christmas tree exhibition in the church hall. Even managed to pop in to the Grey Horse for a half pint and see Paul and the guys for a chat. The 44 is almost back to a normal service but we had an anxious 20 mins wait at the bus stop before it eventually arrived to head back in to town. Headed straight for Tynecastle to enjoy a fantastic 5-0 victory over the poorest Aberdeen side I've ever seen. Going to visit Ratho today. Conditions are improving but I want see what signs there are of work being carried out to facilitate the re-instatement of the 48 bus service to the village. Ratho residents are feeling a bit hacked off and I don't blame them.

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