Friday, 24 December 2010

Two Ronnies and Tommy

Well, Tommy gets to Christmas at home at least. No doubt the noise and fury will continue to flow for a few weeks yet. Watched the documentary on the Sheridan case last night on BBC Scotland. Because the interviews featured had obviously been filmed prior to the verdict it was a fascinating insight into the thoughts of the main protagonists before the outcome was known. Then watched the BAFTA tribute to Ronnie Barker, presented by Ronnie Corbett. You would think a lot of their material would be dated by now but it really wasn't. Everything from The Two Ronnies to Porridge and Open All Hours is still brilliant.

By this time tomorrow I expect to be up my eyes in carrots, sprouts and parsnips. Got the outlaws coming for Christmas dinner (10 at last count). I'm doing most of the catering, quite enjoy it really, then a few more coming later so no doubt some refreshments will be taken and it will be good to get everyone together. What ever Christmas holds for you, hope Santa is good to you.

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