Saturday, 28 January 2012

100 days and a' that

Well, actually, it was 100 days to the elections on 3rd May last Tuesday, but I've been too busy to blog and its such a significant milestone that it can't be ignored. This week has been helluva busy so today's post is more like a potted tour of my diary.

Last Saturday's envelope stuffing session went well, followed by the Edinburgh South West Labour Party Burns Supper, Excellent contributions from Alistair Darling (wee hint about a role in the indyref campaign ?), Sarah Boyack, Rachael Reeves, Lewis MacDoanld and Johann Lamont.

Monday - Usual run of Monday meetings plus the cross party group on Property Services. What a mess.

Tuesday - attended the presentation by developers on their plans for two retail outlets in Currie, on the Lanark Road. Looked pretty good actually although there are some questions about their car park arrangements that will need to be addressed. Then spoke to the Edinburgh Labour Local Govt Cttee about the election campaign and budget preparations.

Wednesday - trip to Bathgate on union business, followed by Regulatory Cttee (taxi licenses) followed by Juniper Green Community Council who supported my idea of forming a liaison committee to oversee the two development projects at the golf club and old primary school.

Thursday - Galashiels on union business, followed by the Council's Audit Cttee and then Currie High Parent Council.

Today - Juniper Green Farmers Market, bought some rapeseed oil for the first time, looking forward to cooking with it. Got some telephone canvassing to do then off to Bannermans to see Rab Howatt's Band.


Edinburgh Flats said...

Really nice post. How come there are no comments!

Ricky H said...

Many thanks, there is now ! Glad you enjoyed it.