Saturday, 7 January 2012

Tragedy on Lanark Road

Distressing news yesterday that a cyclist had been killed on the Lanark Road, as reported in the Scotsman . At this stage it looks to have been a tragic accident but I'm keen to hear from the Police once they've completed their investigation regarding any possible contributory factors. No comfort whatsoever to Andrew McNicol's family but I've asked for this to placed on the agenda for the next Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership meeting so that we can consider any road safety improvements that may be possible. Could be of course that no such measures would have prevented this tragedy but I'm keen to look at all the options. Pleased to say the NP Manager responded immediately saying he has already instructed work to look at this location. More updates soon.


Dr Peter Matthews said...

If Edinburgh Council are serious about improving road safety for vulnerable road users we need a lot more grade separated provision. Given the width of Lanark Road, and similar, could we not have more separate off-road cycle paths? And also more vocal support for a 20 mph speed limit across the city?

And practically - I know it's not your neighbourhood partnership, but your neighbourhood manager could actually do something about my repeated requests for the potholes on the roundabouts on the Calder Road to be properly repaired.

Ricky said...


Many thanks for your message. I await the outcome of the Police investigation with interest but agree that there could be an opportunity here to do so something more progressive re provision for cyclists.

Thanks too for the comment re Calder Rd, as you'll have seen from Twitter Andrew Burns is going to pursue this for you.

Thanks again.

Grantpaul said...

Whilst I agree about provision for cyclists I do not think you should overlook the need to review road safety generally in Lanark Road. As a resident of Lanark Road I have witnessed a number of traffic incidents directly related to the speed of the vehicles involved. A reduction of the speed limit in Lanark Road is long overdue and it is unfortunate that it has taken a tragedy such as this to highlight this dangerous stretch of road.

Ricky said...

Grantpaul, many thanks for your comment. I completely agree. I don't wish to exploit the tragic death of a cyclist but agree that we should look at wider issues on Lanark Rd from Gillespie crossroads down to the Cross Keys pub. That's certainly what I'll be pressing for.