Sunday, 8 January 2012

Third Time Lucky ?

Just been informed that the latest attempt to develop the former Curriehill Primary School site has failed. Negotiations with a developer to build a supermarket on the site have been terminated and the site is to be re-advertised for sale. There were mixed feelings locally about the supermarket idea but consensus that the site needs to be developed and the current boarded up, dilapidated building is an eyesore and potential health hazard. This will be the third time the site has been marketed and leaving aside the local debate about what would be best for this location, what does it tell us about the wider state of the economy when first, a residential development is abandoned and then a supermarket proposal can't be delivered ? I've asked for more community consultation before a successful bidder is selected but we'll see if that actually happens. The LibDem/SNP Administration pushed through the last sale at the Finance & Resources Committee  against the wishes of the local community and local Councillors.

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