Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Paint This Place Maroon

Hogmanay in Prince's Street was excellent, good atmosphere and well managed. Edinburgh at its best. Caught Wild Beasts and Friendly Fires at the West End stage and Jade somebody from X Factor doing cover versions at the Mound stage.

Having kept a suitably low profile on the 1st, off to Easter Road for the New Year derby yesterday. Changed our arrangements at the last minute and met in the Brunswick bar, where we were joined for a pint by Irvine Welsh, well, not exactly joined, he was in other company, well it looked like Irvine Welsh anyway....

Game was the usual roller coaster of emotions but we came out on top, deservedly in my humble opinion, and went home happy. I'm not normally in favour of football players articulating their thoughts via sloganised tee shirts but given the recent problems experienced by Hearts players and the type of day Ian Black had, kicked up and down the park by various Hibs players (taking turns until they were booked) then missing a penalty but still going on to turn in one his best performances I think he was entitled to this brief right of reply.

As New Year's Resolutions go I know this isn't particularly revolutionary but I'm determined to lose a few pounds in the next 4 months, well actually 28, if possible, before the local elections on May 3rd. I weighed 13st 3lb this morning, which would be fine if I was 6ft 5in, but I'm not.

As added motivation I'll post regular updates on the blog and see if this helps to keep me on the straight and narrow.

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