Friday, 20 January 2012


Yesterday's full Council meeting finally killed the Alternative Business Models (ABM) project with all the workstreams and associated jobs (about 4000) remaining "in house". The SNP group seconded our amendment, which was also supported by the Greens and one LibDem ! One other LibDem Councillor wasn't at the meeting and another, extremely senior member of the Administration, absented themselves from the chamber when the vote was being taken ! Very strange, and further proof, if it were needed, that their group is in complete disarray. While it was the right decision and a victory for common sense there is still a lot of hard work and challenges ahead with various Council services now commited to improvements and savings in the next few years. At least we can all work together to deliver the transformation.

Last night's South West Labour Party meeting was well attended and carried a motion calling for a single question referendum. Sensible way forward.

This weekend will maionly be spent stuffing envelopes and attending Burns Suppers. Its a wierd life sometimes. 

By the way, this week's weigh in returned just a whisker under 13st. Pass me another carrot....

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