Saturday, 7 April 2012

"a bit of an embarrassment"

Yesterday was particularly productive with a fantastic turn out of Good Friday campaign workers. We delivered well over 2000 leaflets and had a couple of teams door knocking. Very satisfying and a good reaction on the doorsteps. As promised, I bought the leafleting foot soldiers a beer in the Grey Horse, then the Malleny Arms, then the Riccarton Arms, then the Woodhall. Oh dear !.... Hic.... Back out again today, leaflet delivery in the Muirwood area of Currie and I went door knocking in the Cherry Trees part of Balerno. Some good banter with local residents and the rain just about stayed off.

Interesting piece in yesterday's Scotsman by Joyce McMillan. Ostensibly about elected Mayors she squarely sets out her stall by concluding that Edinburgh's SNP/LibDem Council Administration has become "a bit of an embarrassment". Can't argue with you there Joyce.

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