Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday, Grey Horse

Always confuses me this, a holiday for some but not others. Anyway, making the most of it by planning an Easter Weekend of Campaign Activity, starting this afternoon in Currie. Have promised to take the team to the Grey Horse later for some well earned refreshment.

Balerno Community Council was as busy as ever last night. They're leading on the arrangements for a local hustings on Monday 23rd in Balerno Parish Church, more details here . The poor state of local roads was also discussed at length and it was agreed that the local Roads Manager should be invited to a future meeting to discuss policy and practice when it comes to fixing the roads. Should be an interesting discussion.

Wester Hailes Community Council on Wednesday was as lively as anticipated with the underpass and associated housing development next to the Health Living Centre thoroughly debated. There will be a joint Neighbourhood Partnership public meeting (after the election unfortunately) to discuss all the associated issues and I get a sense that local residents may be finding their voice again. They'll need to if we are to get the best outcome for this site and the wider community. 

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