Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Councillor takes lead on dog walking

Pretty pleased that today's Evening News took an interest in my motion to Friday's Regulatory Committee asking for a report on what measures could be considered in relation to introducing a licensing regime for Commercial Dog Walking companies. These businesses appear to be expanding, which is fine, but I've received a few concerns from local residents about multiple dogs not completely under control and a few nasty incidents as result. The suggestion seems to have been well received and I'm hopeful that colleagues on Regulatory will agree to the request for a report.

Excellent door knocking session tonight in Currie. Only two weeks to go !!!


Dog Walking said...

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Ricky H said...

Dog Walking, many thanks for your comment, absolutely agree. I know a lot of small businesses have started doing this and good luck to them. Hoping that some guidelines / rules can be introduced that will be to everyone's benefit.