Tuesday, 24 April 2012

'Tis the Season of Hustings

Things are a bit of a blur just now. Incredibly busy over the past few days.

Last Thursday was the Active Citizenship Group's Hustings at the City Chambers, which I was happy to attend on behalf of the Labour Group. Lively debate and a good turn out.

Friday was Regulatory Committee where the most important piece of business on the Agenda, my motion on Commercial Dog Walking, was duly agreed. Then nipped out to Currie where PETRA (Pentlands Edge Tenants & Residents Association) had spent the day planting in and around the grass area at Bryce Road next to the shops and Weavers Knowe Pub. They did a grand job and there should be a nice splash of colour and heather there in the future.

Saturday - Campaigning in Currie with Alistair Darling MP and then in the evening made my debut as an after dinner speaker having been invited to address the 65th anniversary dinner of Moray House Rugby Club at the Royal Britsh. Great night, even though as a petrified first timer I had to wait as the last speaker of six and didn't get to my feet until around 11pm. Loved it though and my lame gags seemed to be well received. 

Sunday - More campaigning, this time in Balerno where the sun truly shone on the righteous, and I managed to catch some rays too ! Then in the evening the grand Edinburgh Labour Gala Dinner with Andrew Burns, Alistair Darling, Johann Lamont, Anas Sarwar and Special Guest Alastair Campbell (with his brother Donald the Piper). Excellent evening, raised a few bob for the campaign and I auctioned a couple of Hibs and Hearts tops. In return for a modest donation I'm prepared to reveal which was most valuable. AC then busked on the pipes in return for a bucket collection which boosted the night's takings even further. Good night.

Monday - Last night was our local hustings for the Pentland Hills ward at Balerno Parish Church, excellently chaired by Prof Cliff Beevers and very well attended by around 170 local souls. Good natured debate and all the candidates were on good form.

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