Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Military Manoeuvres

Currie Community Council on Monday night. Not a bad turn out considering it was a public holiday. A number of local issues raised and discussed and in particular still no definitive feedback on the outcome of the bidding process for the old Curriehill School site or the Engine Shed site. Bureaucracy and legal niceties responsible for the delay I suspect. Also reported that the MOD have abandoned their plans to create a new Army base at Kirknewton. This has since been dismissed by the MOD as rumour and speculation. They're still sticking to their plans as announced last July by former Defence Secretary Liam Fox apparently. We shall see. Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing one wonders ?

Last night was an Election Briefing at the City Chambers hosted by the Election Returning Officer and her team, basically to explain the processes and procedures to be followed on Election Day itself (3rd May obviously) and at the Count the following morning at Meadowbank. I may be becoming more of a political anorak than I would have wished but actually found the session very interesting. If you want me to explain the intricacies of the Single Transferable Vote system, just ask ! I'd be happy to oblige ! Seeing the ballot box in the flesh, so to speak, brought me out in a cold sweat !

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